The beginning of the planting of saplings of the plan of one billion trees, the campaign of “Zeitoun Morning” in memory of the martyrs of Gaza and the planting of three thousand saplings in memory of the three thousand martyrs of Semnan province were held in the presence of the representative of the legal guardian in the province, the governor of Semnan and a group of officials.
Seyyed Mohammad Reza Hashemi said today (December 11) in this ritual that was held in the outer area of ​​Shahid Bakri power plant in Semnan: the plan to plant one billion saplings in the country and Semnan province has started and within four years, the commitment to plant 10 million saplings in The province must be done.
He continued: revitalizing forests and green spaces, developing forests, creating forest parks, developing wood cultivation to meet the country’s wood needs, reducing greenhouse gases, preventing the spread of micro-pollens, increasing forest per capita, etc., among the goals of the one billion planting plan. It is a seedling. Creating a lively atmosphere for recreation and a place for travelers and pilgrims to rest will be one of the benefits of implementing this plan in the province.
He stated: Attracting the participation of people and nature’s helpers to monitor the protection of natural resources is a valuable investment in the environmental field for future generations.

The Governor of Semnan said: “Olive Morning” campaign will start today with the planting of more than 100,000 saplings in memory of the martyrs of Palestine and Gaza throughout the country and the province, as well as the planting of 3,000 olive saplings in memory of the martyrs of the province.
Hojjat-ul-Islam wa al-Muslimin Mati’i, the representative of the jurist in the province and the Imam of Juma’a in Semnan, also said in this ritual that planting trees is a charity and said: In the Islamic religion, hadiths, traditions and verses about tree planting and agriculture have been emphasized a lot.
Stating that green spaces are the lungs of the city, he continued: The destruction of green spaces is done for various reasons in some urban areas of the country and Semnan province, which has led to many problems. God willing, the implementation of the people’s plan to plant one billion trees to breathe fresh and create freshness in the society will be effective.
The representative of Wali Faqih in Semnan Province added: We must note that maintaining and preserving the tree is more important than planting it.

Source: Isna