We are a power plant holding that includes Poya Energy Production and Development Company as the parent company and Saman Power Plant Production Companies, Sasan Energy Production and Operation Management Company and Poya Pak Tuan Gostar Company; Our ultimate goal is to have a positive impact on people's lives through the provision of clean and sustainable energy for industries and mines in order to contribute to sustainable development, increase the GDP and improve the environment.
The Code of Ethics of Puya Energy Company is an important document in the organization and aims to pay attention to moral values, competencies and organizational culture, which affects all employees, including managers and new employees. We, dynamic energy personnel, put the following values ​​at the forefront of our affairs:
1- We believe that corporate social responsibility is an obligation; A deep commitment to goodness, goodness and the benefit of all. We are a socially responsible corporate citizen.

2- We believe that the main factor of our success is hard work, perseverance, order and good habits.

3- We try to contribute to the sustainable economic and social development of our country, while applying economic and strategic thinking at all levels of the organization, with professional behavior and specialized measures and performing our duties correctly.

4-Poya Energy is committed to sustainable development and responsibility towards the environment and society and uses its maximum material and spiritual power in order to supply and develop clean energy and low carbon economy.

5- We are committed to all our stakeholders and follow a value-oriented management for our shareholders, and while observing professional and ethical principles, we consider ourselves bound to have the highest quality standards in order to create maximum value.

6- We consider ourselves committed to complying with the standards of honesty and trustworthiness and we use our maximum efforts in full commitment to compliance with transparency, administrative health and confidentiality.

7- In addition to the beneficiaries, the companies are indebted to the society and the environment in which they operate. We are committed to respect, human dignity and gain the trust of the beneficiaries, especially our colleagues, and we connect business partners with coexistence and collective success.

8- We are determined to solve the problems and challenges in the industry by observing meritocracy in all fields.

9- We believe that teamwork and the spirit of cooperation, belonging and organizational commitment are superior and we must pay special attention to create, maintain and promote it, and in this regard, share our knowledge, experience and capabilities with our colleagues. we let.

10- always with systemic thinking; We place learning, creativity, innovation and continuous process improvement at the top of our professional life.

11- We always consider it our duty to observe safety points and prevent accidents, as well as to observe the order and neatness of the work environment.

12- We take care of the health of our body and soul and we always develop our individual and group competencies.

13- We value the effective use of opinions, suggestions and criticisms from colleagues and stakeholders and welcome it as one of the strategic opportunities to improve services.

Integrated management system policy

In order to provide electric energy and create value for stakeholders in the framework of sustainable development, Dynamic Energy Production and Development Group is trying to play a leading and effective role as a developer and capital by relying on its human capital, credit and capacities and the main shareholder. to play a role in the transition in the electric energy sector. This company uses all its efforts to comply with the wishes, needs and requirements of customers and beneficiaries. In this regard, while committing to complying with all legal requirements, it has taken action towards the establishment of ISO45001:2018, ISO14001:2015, ISO9001:2015 standards and in line with the macro strategies of the Mining and Metals Development Investment Company, it is obliged to fulfill the following goals knows:


1- Market development and increase market share
Expansion of activities in the field of renewable energy
Increasing the capacity of thermal power plants
Presence in the market of construction and development of electric vehicle charging stations and battery supply (battery swap)
Achieving a sustainable competitive advantage and improving value creation (creating sustainable cash flows)

2- Increasing stakeholder satisfaction and moving towards a low carbon economy

3- Improving operational indicators of operation and repairs and cost management

4- Improving the safety and health system of the work environment and the environment

5- Completing the service chain and developing specialized services


For this purpose, I have declared my commitment and adherence to this policy and I expect respected colleagues at all organizational levels to be committed to explaining and implementing the provisions of this policy and to work and cooperate in the strict implementation of the mentioned systems. In this regard, the supervision of the integrated management system has been assigned to the management representative, to define, create, implement and maintain the processes and encourage awareness about the requirements, demands and requirements of the shareholders and beneficiaries, as well as to review the performances. to determine, implement and update the desired solutions and actions, the fields of improving the effectiveness of the systems.


Mohammad Zaman Jelvian