On Wednesday, December 22, 1402, the groundbreaking ceremony of dynamic solar power plant was held in Kermanshah province with the presence of the CEO of the Mining and Metals Development Investment Company and national and provincial officials.
According to the news and analysis site “Felzat Online” and quoted from the public relations of the Mines and Metals Development Investment Company, this is the first power plant project whose operational operations will begin under the leadership of IMIDRO and centered on “Wamadan” in the less developed region of Kermanshah.
Mohammad Reza Mothaqinia, Deputy Minister of Peace and Chairman of Imidro’s Board of Directors, while appreciating the follow-up and efforts of the provincial authorities to make this project come true, emphasized the government’s determination to remove deprivation from less developed areas and added : Kermanshah province offered more than 10,000 high-ranking martyrs to the revolution, and this makes our responsibility towards this region of martyrs heavier. Therefore, we hope that by fulfilling our duties, we can take a small step towards the development of this province and the welfare of the martyred people of this region.
Ardeshir Saad Mohammadi, the CEO of Mines and Metals Development Investment Company, also mentioned in this ceremony about the importance of implementing power plant projects: Currently, 30% of the energy required in the world is supplied from oil, 21% from electricity and the rest from other sources. . According to the global plan in 2050, energy supply from oil should be reduced to less than 4% and the electricity sector should increase to 51%.
He added: Considering the change in the position of electricity in the next 30 years in energy supply, it is necessary to take basic steps in the development of power plants, especially in the field of clean energy.

The CEO of “Wamadan” stated: Part of our investments in this province is in the form of building a solar power plant, which is being raked today. The other part will be in the form of building a combined cycle power plant in line with international conventions and clean energy development.
Saad Mohammadi reminded: Currently, the Mines and Metals Development Investment Company, with the coordination and assistance of Imidro, has invested more than three billion dollars in 61 projects in various provinces of the country.
He expressed her hope that with the timely implementation of this project and other similar plans in Kermanshah province, an effective step will be taken to develop infrastructure and lay the groundwork for attracting more investments and creating sustainable employment in the region.
At the opening ceremony of Kermanshah dynamic solar power plant, Mohammad Tayeb Sahrai, the governor of Kermanshah, while thanking all the officials and those involved in the implementation of this project, said: “Thanks to God, we are witnessing day by day the threats that in the past, due to various reasons, have been in the way of the development of Kermanshah province for years.” It was supposed to become an opportunity.
He emphasized: Using these capacities requires collective determination both in the province’s internal arena and in the national arena.
Mohammad Rashidi, the representative of the people of Kermanshah in the Islamic Council during the ceremony, during his speech, evaluated the presence of large investment and industrial companies in the province as a good opportunity for the region and continued: by implementing several projects that are implemented following the agreement with the Ministry of Security and attention The special efforts made by Minister Samat and other officials to speed up the implementation of agreements will be a big step in the direction of development, job creation and optimal use of the region’s capacities.