The executive activity of the construction of the steam section of Semnan power plant started on Wednesday, 31th of Jan 2024 with the presence of a group of officials. Semnan power plant, which currently has four gas units with a capacity of 183 megawatts each (732 megawatts in total), is in the production circuit, and with the implementation of the steam part of the power plant, the total capacity of the power plant will reach 1052  megawatts

The 3rd and 4th gas units of Semnan power plant are the first power plant units built under the memorandum of understanding of the ministries of safety and energy and with the aim of providing sustainable electricity for the country’s industries, which have been put into operation and were able to provide about 256 megawatts of sustainable electricity for the industries in the hot period of 1402. to supply the country. Since the steam units of the Semnan power plant will also be included in the industrial memorandum, with the operation of the above units, the practical capacity of the company’s sustainable electricity supply will reach 600 megawatts

The opening ceremony of the project’s executive operations was held in the presence of Engineer Jelvian, CEO of Pouya Energy Production and Development Company, Engineer Tabasi, CEO of Saman Semnan Power Plant Company, Engineer Hosseini, Project Manager of Mining Industry Power Plant Construction Project of Tavanir Company, and Engineer Henry, CEO of one Mapna Development Company, and was held according to the schedule. It was decided that the operation of the project should be completed  within 26 months, that is, before the summer of 2026