Electricity supply is one of the main challenges for industries. Therefore, the Mining and Metals Development Investment Company has entered this field by creating Poya Energy Company, and now by participating in the Semnan power plant project, it can play its important role in supplying electricity.
The Deputy Managing Director of Pooya Energy Company said about this company: This company started its work in 2016, of course, before it was a company in the field of mining, which changed its name and statutes and became Pooya Energy Production and Development Company. This group started its work from the mentioned time with Semnan power plant and 24.5% shares of Gehar Energy Sirjan Company.
Ojen Makri added: Since then, Semnan power plant was owned by Poya Energy with 75.5% shares, which sought to modify, change and develop the power plant. Semnan power plant includes 2 gas units built by Mapna company with a capacity of 162 megawatts each. That is, 21 megawatts per unit increased.
He said: In 1400, a memorandum of understanding was signed between the Ministry of Peace and the Ministry of Energy regarding the supply of electricity to industries, which states that the industries will supply their electricity needs directly, represented by Poya Energy Production and Development Company. It was included in this list from the Mines and Metals Development Company.
Deputy Managing Director of Pooya Energy Company continued: We were supposed to build about 796 megawatts of power plants, and a major part of this power assigned to Pooya Energy is in Semnan Power Plant. In fact, we could develop 2 gas units in the second block of the power plant and increase the power plant’s capacity to a total of 366 megawatts, and in addition to that, two steam units will be built from the output of four gas blocks, which do not require gas fuel and with the heat output from Gas turbines produce about 370 megawatts of electricity.
Makri clarified: The capacity was about 736 megawatts, which we can build in the Semnan power plant in the form of this memorandum and give it to the grid and finally to the electricity industry. Of course, we will supply the difference of 736 to 796 MW by building other power plants, one of them is a small-scale power plant with a capacity of about 24 MW, and the other is Tabas Coke Power Plant, which are going to be built.
The deputy engineer of Puya Energy Company stated: Tabas coke power plant is created by recycling the heat caused by burning coal, which is about 36 megawatts, and the total number of power plants under our commitment will be 796 megawatts. In Tabas, due to the fact that the ownership of Tabas Coke is not with us, it is necessary to create an understanding between Poya Energy and Tabas Coke under the supervision of “Wamadan” and define the duties. We must be guaranteed the output heat from the coking plant. Also, three batteries were supposed to enter the circuit, but in the last three years, only one battery has been launched, so it is not cost-effective to build a power plant for only one battery. Of course, we have a 10 megawatt solar power plant being completed, which is 100% owned by Poya Energy and will be put into operation this December. We are also building a CHP power plant in Shahrood with a capacity of 5.6 megawatts, but these last two items are not in the framework of the memorandum.
Deputy Managing Director of Pooya Energy Company said: “We managed to sign a contract with Mapna Group in the winter of last year and start the implementation of two gas units of the second block of Semnan Power Plant.” Fortunately, it started in March according to the terms of the transport contract for the first turbine; which created very special conditions for us, because if we were to go through a normal procedure, it would take about 10-12 months to place the order for the turbine, but according to the terms of the contract and the injection of liquidity from “Wamadan”, the first turbine was shipped immediately. .
Makri stated: Fortunately, with the financial support of “Wamadan”, we managed to launch the first unit on August 15, 1401, which is an unprecedented record. The class of turbines is E. We went with the E-Class because it was compatible with the previous units and the existing build. It means that when we are looking for the supply of spare parts, this should be done in the same way for all gas units. If the type of gas turbines were different, we would have to spend more money to supply two different types of spare parts. In addition to that, in the second block of our construction department from the beginning when we purchased the power plant; had been done In fact, it was capital that was created, but no income was generated from it. The foundations we wanted for the turbine were already built, so we used Class E turbines because of their availability and quick implementation. With this, we speed up the implementation of the project.
He said: 100% of Pooya Energy Company’s shares belong to Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (Wamadan).
Source: Public relations of “Vamadan”