Rajabi Mashhadi said: Compared to last year when there was 9% exchange, now 3% more share of the country’s electricity is exchanged through the exchange.
Privatization of companies such as oil, electricity, etc. has always been a challenging issue, because some companies have been privatized instead of being handed over to the private sector, but it is not clear how much of our country’s electricity is supplied through the stock exchange, Mustafa Rajabi Mashhadi in The relationship with this issue says: Now 12% of the country’s electricity is provided through the exchange and bilateral contracts.
He continued: “Compared to last year, which was 9%, we have been able to exchange 3% more share of the country’s electricity through the stock exchange.
Rajabi Mashhadi added: Some of the power plants that sell electricity are stock exchanges, and people can be shareholders of electricity producing companies through the stock exchange and participate in this field.