According to MiMetals, Mohammad Zaman Jelvilan, CEO of "Genin Sabz Middle East Dynamic Energy Production and Development" company said in a conversation with "MiMetals": Dr. Abbas Aliabadi, Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, from the Semnan Power Plant Steam Project on August 19 They made a visit. Mining and Metals Development Investment Company (Vamaden) has invested more than 86 million euros on two gas units of 183 megawatts totaling 366 megawatts and has put them into operation within a year.
Jelvian explained more about the mechanism of gas power plants and said: In gas or open cycle power plants, the output heat of these turbines enters the air and is not used, and if we can use the output heat of the turbines and put this heat into a boiler , we will be able to produce steam in a closed cycle that can produce energy; Therefore, with an investment of around 150 million euros, without using fuel, we can put a 160-170 MW unit into the circuit.
Dynamic Energy Holding's long goals
He further stated: One of the long-term goals of Poya Energy Holding, as the executive arm of "Wamadan" in the field of energy, is to convert Semnan gas power plants into combined cycle power plants. We can turn the Semnan power plant into a combined cycle power plant with 54% efficiency by building two steam units between 160 and 170 MW at a cost of 150 million euros each - 300 million euros in total.
The efficiency of gas power plants is between 34 and 36%, which is not high efficiency; Therefore, if we want to benefit more from fossil fuels and energy carriers, we must increase our efficiency. One of the ways to increase efficiency in gas power plants is to convert them into a combined cycle that uses the exhaust heat of gas turbines to produce steam in steam power plants. will be In practice, this power plant is closer to the green power plant. In this system, we can claim that the steam part of this power plant is green. This project is completely environment-oriented or environment-friendly and aims to save fossil resources, which helps to reduce environmental pollution.
Optimum use of fossil fuels by converting gas power plants to combined cycle
The CEO of Pooya Energy Company further noted: Iran is one of the largest gas producers in the world, but on the other hand, it is also a large consumer, so we face gas fuel restrictions in winter. One of the solutions that can save fossil fuels is to convert gas units into combined cycle units, which is being pursued in dynamic energy complex.
In response to the question that if you face the challenge of gas, will you move towards the consumption of diesel fuel, said: The main fuel of combined cycle power plants is gas and their backup fuel is diesel. In traditional steam power plants such as Neka power plant, Shahid Montazeri power plant and a part of Shahid Rajaei power plant, they can use diesel fuel, but the main fuel of the combined cycle power plant is gas.
Minister's visit
Furthermore, he also said about the visit of the Minister of Industry, Mines and Trade: Considering that the field of expertise of the Minister of Samet was the energy sector and he held key positions in the electricity industry and the Ministry of Energy for many years and has a deep knowledge of this industry, therefore While visiting the project, they welcomed it very much, of course, they also had guidelines to speed up the project and conclude the contract. We hope that the implementation phase of the Semnan steam project will begin before the end of the year, and Minister Samat also emphasized this issue. All our efforts are to be able to implement it by February or March of this year. The schedule for the implementation of the project of the steam section of the power plant needs 32 months, and we hope that this project will go ahead with the main financial resources that come from our own income.
Internal manufacturing capacity in power plant construction
In response to the question of what challenges this project faced, the CEO of Pooya Energy Company said: In the gas power plant project, considering the fact that in the field of gas turbine as well as steam turbine, we have reached the domestic production capacity and Mapna Group also has this capacity. has the ability to build these power plants and a high percentage of this technological knowledge and equipment have been localized, and on the other hand, due to the full support of the Investment Company for the Development of Mines and Metals (and mines) and the timely supply of resources in this project, this power plant in time Very well entered the circuit. Gas unit 1 was put into operation in a period of 5 months.
Gas unit 1 was put into operation in a period of 5 months. That is, we announced the contract in March 1400 and this unit was completed in August of the following year, despite the fact that it takes between 14 and 16 months for a gas unit to be completed; Therefore, the project has two units with a total capacity of 366 MW, of course, the practical power of gas turbines with class E depends on the environmental conditions with a practical power of 290 MW. The total investment of the two power plants and related substations has reached 86 million euros.
High project speed
Referring to the reason for the high speed of this project, Javelan said: the financing of this project by the Investment Company for the Development of Mines and Metals (Vamadan) on the one hand, and the good execution and cooperation of Mapna Group, who had the turbine equipment ready on the platform, on the other hand. It accelerated this project. In addition, there was good round-the-clock work in the project itself. Also, the BOP or Utility section of the power plant, including the foundation, turbine, etc., are already ready, so all these factors contributed to synergy and convergence in the project, the first unit in August 1401 and the second unit in April 1402 under a memorandum of understanding. became.
With these plans, we were able to deliver electricity to industries such as Mobarakeh Steel and Golghar, which bought electricity from us, with a guarantee of no interruptions. Considering that the electricity of our power plant is under the memorandum of understanding 60/172246, it is now the only power plant that has a guarantee of no interruption. This electricity was able to help the industries of the mother country and stop the unprofitability of these companies when there is a problem of supplying them with electricity, which is a very important issue.
He further added: Considering that the national grid is like a spider web network that is spread all over the country, the power plant can sign a contract with the consumer that the transit fee is paid to the grid, so that the electricity grid supplies our electricity to the consumer at the point of consumption. and in this way, the existing transmission and distribution systems of the Ministry of Energy are used, and this transit fee, which is not a significant amount, is paid, and this electricity reaches the consumer with the guarantee of no power cut, which is under a four-way memorandum.
We have no solution but to take advantage of the participation of industries in the construction of the power plant.
In response to the question, what is your opinion about industrial holdings in the country that are forced to build power plants, he said: Considering the fact that in our country, electricity is considered a service and not a commodity and low-priced energy carriers. are presented, the electricity industry is not attractive for private sector investment; Therefore, the electricity industry has no choice but to take advantage of the participation of large industries that have significant added value for the development of electricity production infrastructure.
Undoubtedly, if the price of electricity and other energy carriers had a real price like in other countries of the world, I would not like this method, because I believe that each sector should do its own work, because all fields are highly specialized in today's world, so it is better for each specialized group to work. He should do it himself and every business owner should not enter into another business that is not his specialty and should take steps in line with his own expertise and budget.
But in a situation where energy carriers do not have a real price, there is no solution other than this, and this is a solution that works well in our system for large industries to enter the field to supply their energy and build a power plant, the first of which is by the Mining Development Investment Company. and metals (and minerals) and the latter have been introduced by Mobarakeh steel, which happen to be good power plants and were able to contribute significantly to the electricity network in a limited period of time and make an important contribution in reducing the disadvantage to industries.
Of course, it should be noted that "Wamadan" Holding has an energy unit and has specialized in this field, and Mapna and Energy Holdings were involved in the construction of these power plants. However, it must be acknowledged that the weakness of some companies is that they do not have an energy department.
Opening of the solar power plant
Pointing to another project of this group, the CEO of Pooya Energy said: Our other project, which was witnessed by the Minister of Industry, Mining and Trade, was the opening of a solar power plant 4-5 kilometers from Semnan. We are also building a new 14 MW solar power plant next to the solar power plant in Semnan on a 15-hectare land. Our 10 MW power plant is 13 hectares. We hope to bring this 14 MW power plant into the grid by July 1403, although the 10 MW power plant has already entered the circuit.
Annual production of 25 megawatts of solar power plant
Further emphasizing the need to move towards clean energy, Jelvian noted that all steel industries have no choice but to produce green electricity or clean electricity to avoid the carbon tax and achieve green steel production. Mining and Metals Development Investment Company (Vamadan), according to its 5-year plan, which industries will enter the production circuit and how much electricity they need, by 1406, it should be equivalent to 125 megawatts of solar power plants to supply 5% of the electricity consumed by its industries with green electricity or clean electricity. Be provided,
Therefore, Poya Energy Holding will build 25 megawatts of solar power plants every year in line with the lofty goals of "Wamadan" and will build 125 megawatts of solar power plants in these few years to be able to produce that share of 5% of the green electricity consumed by the industries of the same group. This amount of production share is listed under 16 knowledge-based articles. If we do not reach this number, the Ministry of Energy will impose heavy fines under the same article on the industries that supply 5% of the electricity of these industries at the price of renewable solar energy.
Solar energy is priced at 7.3 cents and wind energy at 9.5 euro cents; Therefore, it is beneficial to do this as soon as possible.
He said about the class of turbines in the country: the main class of gas turbines in our country is E, and over the past 4 years, the approach of using class F gas turbines has become widespread, and a significant number of class F turbines have been installed in the country in the past 4 years and With the help of Siemens, it is transferring its technology inside the country.
The weakness of mining units in not having an energy department / the need to move towards clean and renewable energies / Poya Energy will increase its production of clean (green) electricity to 125 megawatts by 1406 / the welcome of "Poya Energy" in investing and participating in projects / creating a power plant in Near Janja copper mine in Sistan and Baluchistan
Kermanshah power plant project needs a new shareholder
In response to the question of whether you have another plan in other provinces, the CEO of Pooya Energy Company said: We have another project in Kermanshah with the cooperation and management of the Mining and Metals Development Investment Company (Vamadan), this project has progressed to the stage of agreements and was agreed upon. 5 large industrial and mining companies to participate in this project. Considering the different plans that other companies had, such as the National Copper Industries Company of Iran and the National Development Group,
The participation of National Copper Company and National Development Group was canceled and they announced that they have other power plant projects and it is difficult for them to participate in this project. Therefore, this project is suspended now, but we hope that it will join our active projects as soon as possible. Of course, there is a possibility of replacement for these two companies, because other companies had also expressed their interest in becoming shareholders, and in this regard, these replacements should be determined earlier with the cooperation of Iran's Mines and Mineral Industries Development and Modernization Organization (IMIDRO).
In response to the question, where did the Tabas Coke project finally end up, Jelvian said: That project has remained silent at the moment due to shareholder discussions. Of course, this project becomes economical when 3 batteries are activated in 3 units.
Good things happen with Article 4 deregulation of the industry
He also said about the energy exchange: Article 4 of removing obstacles from the industry has led to good measures, according to which, the price of fuel for self-supplying power plants is considered to be the fuel price of the power plant, which is under the four-way contracts between the power plant and the consuming industry, Imidro and Tawanir. Signed, this pleasant thing has happened. We were also able to deliver our electricity to Mother Industries under this memorandum from June 1 of this year. Consumers were also satisfied with this electricity and good trends were created for us.
Aggregation is an art
The CEO of Pooya Energy Company continued to emphasize: I still believe in pooling the energy capacities of industrial units. One of the consolidations that was mentioned was that the industries under "Wamadan" company must create 25 megawatts of solar power plants annually, so consolidation is an art, because in the new world these networks are the ones that do the work. What we can do is create these networks. Industries can stand next to each other and create a power plant with the help of a company that specializes in energy production and inject the resulting energy synergy into the industries of the same group, which also leads to an increase in their production and productivity; We will also see the positive impact of these industries on the country's GDP.
Referring to the country's capacity, Jelvian said: Currently, our power plant capacity is 742 megawatts, with the implementation of these two 160 megawatt steam units, our capacity will reach 1062 megawatts, and if 120 megawatts of solar power is also included, we will reach about 1200 megawatts. We have also had negotiations with the Development Fund to finance the steam project, which they have welcomed. Due to the fact that the sale of the energy of this power plant is self-sufficient and will have a good market, therefore, the development fund will not worry about the repayment of its installments, therefore they are eager to participate in this project.
Welcoming other projects
In response to the question that if other mining units want to cooperate with you for energy supply, will you welcome them, he said: We will welcome projects both in investment and participation, and we can also be of service to industries for the sale of power plant electricity. They can buy it directly from us.
In response to the question whether the solar power plant equipment is domestic, "Mohammed Zaman Jelvian", the CEO of Pooya Energy Company, said: There are complex issues in the field of localization of this equipment. Of course, good companies have entered to manufacture equipment in the field of silicon, polysilicon, ingot, wafer, cellulosolar, and finally solar panels, and in the near future they can answer a large part of the country's needs.
In Mines and Metals Development Investment Company (Vamaden) we want to continue this path with the help of Hedayat Noor Company and Yazd Hedayat Noor Bargh Aftab Company, which is a subsidiary of Shahid Ghandi Factories of Moaden Group, will continue the discussion of solar panel production and We will use these internally manufactured panels in the construction of our power plants.
Jelvian further reminded: Considering the huge volume that is going to be created in the field of solar and wind power plants in the country in the coming years, we need to develop domestic manufacturing in the field of equipment, of course, there should be the possibility of importing technology from abroad.
The development of energies in the world is towards solar
In response to the question whether the solar power plant needs high water, he said: I do not confirm this issue. According to the forecasts of the International Energy Agency, the development of energy in the world has gone towards solar energy, and most of the power plants are towards wind cascades, and now the development is accelerating towards photovoltaic solar power plants, and investments are in the same direction, because solar power plants are low cost. and in the whole "levelized cost of energy" LCOE of solar power plants has reached its lowest level in 2023, which is four hundred dollars per kilowatt hour, which is considered a very low cost;Therefore, the future is moving towards the creation of solar power plants, and there has been a very good fortune from them. Considering the fact that our country is a sunny country and we have more than 300 sunny days and the possibility of extracting renewable energy is easy and very useful, we should also move in this direction.
Electric cars and the need for more power plants
The CEO of Pooya Energy also raised the issue of electric cars and stated: Electric cars have lithium batteries and their batteries use more than 200 kilos of minerals, while traditional cars and internal combustion use less than 25 kilos of minerals. A lot of copper, graphite, etc. are used in electric cars. In addition to reducing the pollution of cities, which is the main challenge of the country, the development of electric cars will also lead to the development of mines. According to the published statistics, there are about 15 million active cars in the country.
Now, if it is assumed that in the next ten years, electric cars will be produced in the country or imported from abroad to the number of half of the current gasoline cars in the country, in such a situation, about 55 million liters of gasoline will be saved per day; But what will be the electricity consumption of 7.5 million cars, from which source is it better? The total electricity consumption of this number of cars will reach more than 84.5 thousand megawatt hours in one day. In other words, it will add an average of 3437 megawatts to the demand and consumption of the country every hour.
Taking into account all the various losses from the place of production to consumption, as well as taking into account the drop in practical production of the power plant compared to the rated power due to the non-ISO of the installation conditions of the combined cycle power plant, about 5000 nominal MW should be installed in a new combined cycle power plant with an efficiency of 55%; Therefore, in addition to the expansion of the power plant capacity, nearly 5000 megawatts should be installed, which is better to be developed by solar power plants. To reach the consumption power of 3400 MW, it is necessary to build about 16000 MW of solar power plant. If combined cycle power plants are used, the future of electrification of energy will increase gas consumption.
At the same time, we have gas restrictions and the development of thermal power plants faces a challenge due to the problem of gas shortage, so we have no choice but to go towards the creation of solar and wind power plants. In fact, electrification in the transportation industry increases the necessity of developing mines as well as creating energy infrastructure. For example, the copper found in car engines and batteries leads to the development of copper industries and other minerals such as carbon (graphite), nickel, magnesium, cobalt, lithium, etc.
Wind power plant in Sistan and Baluchistan
In response to the question of whether you have a desire to build wind power plants, Javelan said: The Mines and Metals Development Investment Company for Janja copper in Sistan and Baluchistan is considering a rare desire to plan for the construction of a wind power plant. This program is currently under investigation, whether part of it is solar, part of it is wind or part of it is thermal. We hope that it will go in this direction to create a 50 megawatt wind power plant in Mil Nader, which has more than 50% of wind energy utilization capacity.
In the end, he pointed out: the role of fossil fuels in air pollution, global warming, etc. is not hidden from mankind, due to the trend of using solar energy, our country has also moved towards renewable energy, which we hope with a suitable investment. also play our role as the executive arm of the mining and metals development investment company (and mines) both in the sector of clean energy production and subsequently in the sector of green steel production.
A conversation with Alireza Jafarinejad; Middle East Metals News (Me Metals)